EHS Big Buddy Programme 2020

EHS - 2020

Twenty-six Grade 10 volunteers who had already been through a lengthy selection process just before year-end exams, offered an entire week of their holiday time in November 2019, to undergo intensive mentorship training at EHS.  At the end of that process, their efforts and dedication were rewarded – all of them were successfully appointed as ‘Big Buddies’ in 2020.

The Big Buddy Programme (BBP) has been in place at EHS since 2015.  It is designed to assist incoming Grade 8 learners with their transition into high school, by allocating selected learners to be paired with a Big Buddy (now in Grade 11).  The role of these Big Buddies includes being a role model and guide for the ‘newbies’.  Each Big Buddy will work together with two Grade 8’s for the entirety of this year, to encourage the young ones to become actively engaged in the school community and to optimise their academics and social experience, during their first year of high school.

The BBP also assists the staff who Supervise the Big Buddies, to identify common themes amongst the Grade 8 group, which can be referred to the Counselling Department for early intervention.

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