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If the idea of a tattoo has always been intriguing to you, but the thought of it too painful so you haven’t it done it, your wait is over. The back-to-basics tattooing technique has been taking the world by storm because its less painful than machine inking and more personal. The professional, Bianca Liebenberg, who has started up in the East of Johannesburg says its safe, and to test that theory, the editor of The Great Guide went and had a touch up. Michelle came back pleased with the result, and couldn’t stop saying how she would never do another tattoo with a machine again.

Regarding the length of time it takes depends on the intricacies of your design, and of course its size. Bianca is very assuring and friendly, and she knows what she is doing with a needle and ink. The needles are sterile and come out of their packaging in front of you. So it is safe, clean and quick.

If you have always dreamed of a tattoo, been afraid of the pain, then Bianca is the tattoo artist for you. Bianca also has a graphic design qualification if you have been thinking about something bespoke. Her prices start at R350.

Contact Bianca and set up an appointment to make your memory permanent.


Business Phone Number: 074 123 3642