Meet Naseera Turkey at Hirsch’s Networking Meeting in Meadowdale

Meet Naseera Turkey at Hirsch’s Networking Meeting in Meadowdale

Naseera Turkey is a humble yet driven and motivated lady. She was born into a “traditional family” where as she describes the Indian idea of “a women’s place is at home having babies and taking care of her family, which she is very comfortable doing as her family is a priority. But what she also realised is that women were not taking care of themselves from a financial point of view including herself and thus her journey began into the financial field 23 years ago.

The road to “investing and growing” oneself was not easy, however Naseera studied by attending night classes after having both her kids to pursue a Diploma in Financial Planning and Wealth Management. She also has various other study platforms empower her knowledge in the financial space as they offered her the opportunity to develop herself. This knowledge, in turn assisted her clients both men and women to be more financially savvy with their hard-earned money.  Naseera’s hard work and sacrifice has paid dividends as she now operates as one of handful of Muslim women who are full-fledged Independent Financial Planner (IFA).

She has won numerous awards at various Insurance companies over the last 18 years for her hard work and dedication towards financial wellness of her clients.  Her quest to educate clients on how to save, her personal time  that she gives to various community initiatives plus one of her passions of being a motivational speaker on Women Platforms have all enriched her journey.

She featured on ITV with Julie Aliie in August 2017 “Women’s Month”, talking about how important it is for women to save and to grow their wealth, to become financially independent.  She had an overwhelming response from South African women from that media exposure.

In November 2017 she was invited to collaborate with Training Excellence to a Forum on African Women Leadership Development along with the United Nations (UN) ECOSOC in Dubai, where she presented on “A Financial Guide for Women” highlighting the need to be more confident about money and saving.

In March 2018, she joined forces with Hawa Charfaray from Training Excellence as well as Difference Makers SA and Collaborated for “International Women’s Day”, she was one of the organisers of the event and shared the platform with outstanding women showcasing the importance of Women Leadership & Empowerment, Life & Financial Coaching, Health & Fitness, Positive Parenting, A Blue Ribbon Ceremony was held to recognise what women do to uplift each other.

In May 2018, she collaborated with Old Mutual Shariah for the” Eid Festival” on presenting how to invest in the Shariah space and need to diversify your investment portfolio where she interacted with 40,000 delegates over a 4 day period.

Naseera is charting a new course in terms of helping women by offering coaching on a one –on –one or small groups to mentor on money management. She is passionate about teaching various options on how to plan and secure their future by simply being “Financially Confident”.  If she can inspire one person to save and find that independence, this is all the reward she requires to continue coaching many others.

“Invest in Women” I believe there’s no better tool for development more than the empowerment of women. Women have a better understanding of other women and by using the knowledge which is “POWER” and persevering nothing is impossible. We can help grow our young women into dynamic leaders for tomorrow by sharing and learning from each other. We need to be more supportive and invest more in women and the young girl child by leading by example.

Warren Buffet On Savings – “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”.


Press release | Hirsch’s Meadowdale

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