Old Mutual invites you to a free on-line summit aimed at business owners

Old Mutual, in Partnership with World-class summit, is inviting you to attend a COVID-19 online summit – specifically aimed at SMME’s.

Six world-class experts will be giving you all the facts. Your speakers will be:

  • Dr Caroline Leaf – Protect your mental & physical health during the Corona pandemic.
  • Peter Carruthers – Coronavirus and your business survival challenge.
  • Carl Shultz – What next? Building your success strategy beyond Covid19.
  • Vernon Pitout – Self-leadership in this Corona crisis.
  • Amanda Hamilton-Attwell – Strategies on coronavirus communication for business.
  • Fidelity ADT – Covid 19 perspective on crime. Protecting yourself, your staff and your assets.

The event is on 28 March 2020. You can click here to access the website and register for free.

Watch online and you will access the information for 90 days.

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