11 year-old launches own foundation

11 year-old launches own foundation

11-year-old Stacey Fru’s Education Foundation launched her third book, Foundation projects and the Foundation’s Ambassadors last week. This Foundation arose out of Stacey’s zeal to empower and encourage children and adults alike to learn how to read and write. Amongst other things, the SFF supports Stacey’s vision of motivating and empowering through various initiatives, including creating partnerships that aim at Elevating the AfrICAN Child, encouraging writing amongst underprivileged children and donating her books to schools, institutions and libraries. SFF seeks pledges and donations that enable Stacey to travel to rural schools and bringing rural children to cities.

Foundation Founder/Owner
Stacey Fru is the youngest South African Author who wrote and published her first book, ‘Smelly Cats’ without her parents’ knowledge at the age of 7. This book was approved by the South African Department of Basic Education as suitable for young learners from Early Childhood through to Primary School. She is a fun-loving and bubbly young girl, born on the 16th of February 2007 in Johannesburg and the second of four children. Stacey is the youngest Multiple Award-Winning Writer of Chapter books on the continent, if not in the world. ‘Smelly Cats’ won three awards, before Stacey’s second book ‘Bob, and the Snake’ was published.

She has engaged over 5 000 children from ECD Centres, 15 000 children from Primary Schools and Libraries, over 4 000 from High Schools, over 7000 people from Universities and institutions of higher learning. She has been to 7 National Fairs and has delivered over 50 public talks in villages and cities in 6 provinces of South Africa. She has donated both computers, books, clothing, food items to adults and children alike. She wants to carry on working and giving.

Stacey’s Awards, Recognitions and Ambassadorships include:
• “Skills Development and Education;” Gauteng Premier’s 2nd Youth Excellence in Service Awards 2018.
• “Gauteng Premier’s Women of Excellence Awards 2018,” Finalist,
• “Young Dignitary Category, Victor Basadi Awards 2017,” Runner Up,
• “Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young Most Influential South African 2016,”
• “Youngest founding member, Wits University Centre for Multilingual Education and Literacy; 2016,”
• “Academic Achievements and Initiatives 2016” by East Wave Radio Nelson Mandela International Community Day Leadership Award.
• “Young Leader 2016” for her leading motivational and inspirational roles, by East Wave Radio Nelson Mandela International Community Day Leadership Award.
• “Best ECD Publication 2015: Special Mention Category 2016,” by National Development Agency (NDA), the prize was donated by UNICEF,
• Ambassadorship: Save the Children South Africa.
• Ambassadorship: Brand South Africa
• Ambassadorship: Safety and Security Campaign
• Honorary Ambassadorship: Department of Arts and Culture
• Ambassadorship: Smart Teens South Africa
• Ambassadorship: AfriCAN Child Your Time Is Now

Stacey Fru’s Foundation’s Current Projects:
“African Book a Child Campaign” makes available books by African authors or books about Africa to underprivileged children in rural areas in South Africa. Stacey’s commitment is motivated by her worries that many African children do not know about, let alone celebrate African writers.
“Know Your Countries” is a campaign of the Foundation in which Stacey is committed to educating African children on Africanism. She uses her online television channel, CTVSA to profile various countries. Stacey’s passion for Africa saw her committed to profiling Africa countries.

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