Brain health has never been more vital or relevant – 10 Fast Facts

Brain health has never been more vital or relevant – 10 Fast Facts

Wednesday 22 July was World Brain Day. 2020 is dedicated to raising awareness to improve the lives of those living with Parkinson’s Disease and their caregivers

Nurse assisting senior woman at nursing home

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Parkinson’s Disease affects more than 7 million people around the globe.
  • More than one in four people living with Parkinson’s Disease were initially misdiagnosed.
  • Many symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease are still poorly recognised and undertreated
  • In African countries there are far fewer neurologists when compared to high-income countries.
  • The World Health Organisation recommends at least 1 neurologist per 100 000 people.
  • Approximately 270 million Africans live in countries where there are less than 5 neurologists per country
  • Less than 50% of Sub-Saharan African countries have a neurological society.
  • South Africa has a crude estimate of 1 neurology service provider per 400 000 population in South Africa.
  • Parkinson’s Disease is a daily challenge faced by all ages and people, but mainly by the elderly.
  • South Africa still has a comprehensive medical system to treat Parkinson’s patients

Press release from Cathy Findley Public Relations




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