Disservice from Ocean Basket Stoneridge

It’s Date Night at Ocean Basket Stoneridge.

The choice is there to go to the old familiar restaurant, or we can try a new place – Ocean Basket Stoneridge.

The great thing about the new place is that we can sit outside in the air and because its a franchise we pretty much know what is available. So we opt to go to Ocean Basket at Stoneridge Mall.

We arrive and are greeted by the waiter, who is friendly and pleasant while seating us at the table of our choice. He explains the menu, the specials and we ask a few questions. We place our orders.

All standard stuff.

We enjoy the fresh air, each other and our drinks while catching up on what has been happening at work — standard stuff.

We have a few laughs, crack a few jokes, appreciated the time to be together and just breathe, a respite from our busy lives — standard stuff.

Our meal arrives, and it looks ok. Fish looks like fish should, but the stir-fry is not looking as it should. It seems limp and over-cooked. Still, we’re hungry so overlook the fact that it’s overcooked…. until we put a fork filled with the stir fry to our mouths.

Stir Fry Death Row

My nose tells me something is wrong immediately. Call the waiter who removes plate instantly and offers to replace with something else, but the standard stuff had turned into a horrid thing. We left after paying the bill. We don’t bother to speak to the manager because he should have made sure that never left the kitchen in the first instance.

Date night? It is ruined. Why? Because death by stir fry is all we spoke about until we went to bed. How is it possible that there is no checkpoint, especially in a place like Ocean Basket? We frequent the Ocean Basket at Eden Meadows mall regularly, and nothing like this has ever happened. We conclude that someone in the management chain at the Stoneridge store doesn’t care enough.

It still bugs me, so that’s why this post is happening. The question is, do I care enough to go back to Ocean Basket Stoneridge? I don’t. At the risk of being boring, I would instead go to the other store in the Eden Meadows Mall simply because I know they care enough to make sure the stir fry isn’t on death row.

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