Love your Valentine? Ditch the flowers and add an avo

Love your Valentine? Ditch the flowers and add an avo

You know you’re in love when you’re willing to share your avocados…

Don’t opt for the safe, monotonous Valentine’s gifts this year, show your Valentine that you really care by adding an avo!

It couldn’t be easier!

Rustle up a romantic home-made avocado feast or better yet, buy a beautiful bowl and fill it with avos!  You don’t even have to be a gourmet chef, it’s so easy to jazz up a regular meal with avos. They can be mashed, diced, sliced and pureed for everything from guacamole; salads; pizza toppings; sandwich and wrap fillings; soups; snacks and dips; and even ice-cream. With barely any preparation time involved, they’re ultra-convenient, and quick and easy to prepare no matter what dish you’re making. It really couldn’t be easier!

Not only will you be set to impress but the avocado’s velvety smooth texture, melt-in-your mouth creaminess and buttery flavour, are sure to get the pulse racing.  And if you don’t believe that, just look back in history to ancient South American cultures who revered avos as fruits of the gods. One of the stories goes that a Mayan princess ate the very first avocado and believed it had mystical, magical powers. The Aztecs claimed the fruit had aphrodisiac qualities – not surprising since the word avocado actually comes from the Aztec word ‘ahuácatl’ meaning testicle!

Healthy Valentine’s heart

Now that we’ve got your heart racing, you can also impress your Valentine with the fact that avos are really healthy!  Avocados can be included in a healthy eating plan as they are virtually free of sodium and are a source of potassium, with just half an avocado providing 420mg of potassium. In addition, their high monounsaturated fat content helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and lowers the risk for heart disease when used to replace saturated and trans fats.

So go on – do the right thing and add an avo to Valentine’s Day

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Press release | South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA)

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