Smokin’ hot… Burn the Floor

Smokin’ hot… Burn the Floor

The inquisitive Great Guide team attended the Rebel Tour show at Theatre of Marcellus in Emperors.

Dressed up for an evening of theatre, I didn’t anticipate much. C’mon ballroom dancing, sequined costumes, people who float and not dance? Ninety odd minutes later, I walked out of there enthralled and delighted that I had seen the Burn The Floor company in action. My impression of ballroom dancing was updated and injected with enthusiasm through the sense of rebellious energy that was infused by each dancer. They suspended time from the very beginning transporting us through the romantic waltz, emotion-filled Pasa Doble and the power of the Cha-Cha. There is so much in the show, it leaves one breathless. The jive was particularly infectious and had me half-standing to do my version before I remembered I was part of the audience so sat down again. Everyone, young and old were tapping their feet along with the music.

The production was flawless, the passion and enthusiasm of the dancers were contagious, the whole room came alive and was complemented with the lighting and by dazzling costumes. It ended all too soon, I could have comfortably had another hour of these seamless performances brought to life by the fun choreography, interactive personalities and fantastic dancing of this multi-national troupe who are so talented. Part of this group are South African performers who knocked my socks off. On the drums, Mike Swaga did us proud while lead vocalist, Lelo Ramasimong never failed to give me goosebumps, and deserves her spot as part of this company.

Disappointingly, it had to end and the friendly troupe joined the stragglers who wanted to know more about the dance company “Burn The Floor”. I was surprised to hear that they been performing around the world for two decades now, their fourth time in South Africa and it was the first I was hearing about them. To be fair though, I have never really pursued anything ballroom… until now. This eclectic, modern twist on ballroom has me wanting more and I’m sure you will enjoy it too. The Burn The Floor dance company will be moving on soon, make sure you get to see the show since it closes on the 8th of September. You would be forgiven for experiencing FOMO if you don’t, because you will have missed out. It’s just the thing to end winter with.

Read more here.

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