HATS Off! Good new for mental health…

HATS Off! Good new for mental health…

HATS is a Non-Profit company creating awareness of mental illnesses and disorders through interactive and developmental theatre projects to improve lives and cultivate an empathetic society. Their well researched theatrical shows that are highly entertaining and educational. The intention is to not only raise awareness regarding one’s mental health, but also suggest solutions. Their approach is education through schools, universities/colleges, corporate companies, mental health institutions and correctional services.

As part of their suite of solutions suggested in the shows, they propose working together with big business to collaborate on raising awareness and promoting education about mental illness and disorders.

The mental health situation and the impact it has on South African business, big and small, needs to approached with serious thought. The HATS objective is to bring about change through education and working together with other organisations to create a greater impact and step-change regarding the approach to this issue and its impact on people.

To get more information about how you can get involved, either as an individual or as a corporate CSI project, contact HATS at:

Email: enquiries@hats.org.za

Zina: +27 723413046 | Anmari: +27 823090781 | Vasti: +27 834435842

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