Deal or No Deal, Black Friday

Black Friday is tomorrow. I know I have been tempted to spoil myself, but I have rethought it. So here is my proposal:

Instead of buying more stuff, lets use this crazy shopping day to self-invest. What do I mean?

Here are some things I think we could be spending our money on this Black Friday:

Experiences that create memories for a lifetime!

Getaways, one day breaks, crazy experiences like jumping out of a plane (if you are brave enough) or bungee jumping… these are often overlooked on Black Friday. I don’t need to convince myself that spending money on experiences is far more fulfilling than buying stuff, I know it to be true.


Things often overlooked is investing in yourself and your business. Perhaps your business needs you to do that course to take it to the next level instead of buying the newer printer if the old one is still doing well. Possibly you would like to upskill yourself to make your services more marketable.

Black Friday is good for these things too.

The retail ‘tricks’ that get us to buy more stuff that we don’t need:

Buy 3 get 1 free (oh, how we have all fallen for this, and often)
Spend over ‘x’ and get free shipping (amazing how we’ll spend extra just to get ‘free’ shipping)
Spend ‘y’ and get this awesomely amazing free gift (What we’ll do to get free stuff we don’t need). As a friend of mine always says, it’s only a bargain if you need it.

Let’s make the intelligent choices and take advantage of the incredible offers out there this Black Friday that will bring us more meaning and fulfilment.

Looking back in a month or so, we’ll be glad we did on so many levels.


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