The Shoe Cooperative

The Shoe Cooperative

Do you have feet of different sizes?

Do you struggle to find shoes that fit both of your feet?

Do you wish that you could buy “pairs” of shoes of different sizes?

Do you only need one shoe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this could be a site that you should bookmark!

Most people in the world have slightly different sized feet. These people can generally find shoes which fit both feet reasonable comfortably but for some people (for various reasons) the problem is much worse. They really do need to have shoes of different sizes in order to be able to get a decent fit on both feet. Most shops will not allow customers to buy shoes of different sizes to make up a “pair”. Having shoes specially made is very expensive. This means that one typically buys shoes to fit your bigger foot and then makes do on the smaller foot.

The intention of this site is to provide a forum where people can get together to buy shoes that fit. This might be by selling the shoes that one can’t use or by teaming up with someone else or with a few other people to buy enough pairs of shoes of different sizes so that in the group everyone gets shoes that fit without having to buy two pairs of shoes each.

The site is at this stage essentially a “pilot project”. If there is enough interest then it will be expanded!

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