Speeding Easter Bunnies Might Get Away With It

Speeding Easter Bunnies Might Get Away With It

Speeding Easter Bunnies Might Get Away With It since the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ebrahim Patel, didn’t publish the regulations for the calibration and verification of speed measurement equipment before a 31 March deadline – a requirement under the Legal Metrology Act.

Why is this a problem?

Well according to Die Burger, a senior prosecutor at the National prosecuting authority told the newspaper that valid calibration and verification certificates for the speed cameras is a legal requirement, or the speeding Easter Bunnies cannot be prosecuted.
Various parties and authorities are concerned about the oversight, especially since traffic numbers are expected to swell on our roads over the Easter weekend.

An RTMC (Road Traffic Management Corporation) spokesperson reportedly said that the issue is currently under discussion and negotiations were ongoing with regulators to extend the deadline. It is hoped that the issue would be resolved today.

TGG would like to encourage each driver on the roads, whether they are traveling for a well-deserved break or moving between family events to be cognisant of the history of traffic carnage over this weekend and to take every precaution to do the right thing, drive safely, for both yourself and your family.


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