Business Review: Uncle Sam’s Kitchen

Business Review: Uncle Sam’s Kitchen

Article appeared in The Great Guide Newspaper: March 2021

Uncle Sam’s Kitchen is homely. It’s clean and the food is scrumptious. I wouldn’t have a single hesitation about taking my family there for a meal. Katy and I did a Kate and Mish on Mission product review video there last month, and I said I would eat off the floor… and I meant it.

The menu changes every week, although firm favourites do form the basis of the menu. The meals are prepared fresh, so do be patient if it takes a bit longer – the food is real, it tastes homemade because it is… right there in front of you in the impeccable kitchen. You don’t have to eat your meal at Uncle Sam’s Kitchen, if you order by 10 am you will be able to collect it on your way home as long as you are there before 6.30 pm

I can recommend the bobotie, it comes without raisins but is so tasty you don’t need the extra sugar to disguise the flavours. I also had a hamburger, ok confession time I had two mini-meals on a plate. The chips are all uneven, differently sized, and shaped because they too are real, made from potatoes that are cut up and cooked on the spot.

Uncle Sam’s has a family story that underpins the establishment and it’s a venture that that has a vision and intention to grow, especially with the various arts and crafts displayed in the roomy eatery. You can find Uncle Sam’s Kitchen in van Riebeeck Road, in the new little mall that was built next to the old PEP stores.

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