Get The Best Out of Your Internship or Learnership

Get The Best Out of Your Internship or Learnership

Get The Best Out of Your Internship or Learnership

Learnerships and internships are arguably the most effective pathway to improve young people’s career prospects and enable inexperienced youth to integrate successfully into the formal economy.

An internship or learnership adds tremendous value to both the employer and the youth. The youth can kick-start their professions by learning valuable skills and gaining opportunities to grow in their respective professional space.

The employer gets to work with potential new staff in a no-risk fixed term basis. Lulaway CEO and co-founder, Jake Willis, thinks that a good internship program is beneficial. “It is a screening process to achieve a better match between the skills of the intern and the requirements of the workplace climate”.

Learnership enables students to gain practical experience in their career of choice before completing their studies, while internships improve their skills upon completion of their tertiary studies to practice the theory and ideas taught in university by applying them in the workplace.

Enhancing the skills and professional growth of young people can be seen as a potential long term investment for your business.

Willis emphasises that young people should not focus on the short-term financial benefit from the internship or “stipend”, but rather see the period as a stepping stone to a productive career path. The most valuable differentiator in today’s job market is work experience. Employers prefer to hire people who understand how the working world works, and have proven they can be relied upon and can contribute immediately. Training a new recruit from scratch is cumbersome and costly; therefore internships create the missing link between the young graduate and the world of work.

“Work experience allows a young person to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. Internships offer a unique learning opportunity that you may not have as a working adult. This is because they allow for feedback from supervisors and others who are already established in the field,” concludes Willis.

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