Joburg entrepreneur launches digital start-up to benefits SME building contractors and consumers

Joburg entrepreneur launches digital start-up to benefits SME building contractors and consumers

Joburg entrepreneur launches digital start-up that will benefit SMME building contractors and home improvement consumer market

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A Johannesburg-based entrepreneur is using the power of technology to disrupt the home improvement services sector and in the process enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) building contractors to access a premium market that has been largely out of reach to them.

Raeef Meyer who grew up in Riverlea, Johannesburg, on 10 February launched E-FFICIENCY, a brand-new online service that offers customers access to professional turn-key home improvement services via the AI-power of Facebook Messenger.

While other app-based services are limited to putting customers in touch with service partners, Meyer wanted to go further by helping SMME and small contractors to improve quality and compliance standards so they could qualify for more lucrative projects in the home improvement market.

“The market is over-supplied with contractors who have little business or marketing nous and poor reputation. Over the 15 years having been in the industry, I have seen first-hand how these basics can mean the difference between a business with a future and one with a history. The reality is that our country needs businesses with a future. Too many have closed and leave only their history. For this reason, our service focuses on SMME contractors and helps them to upskill and compete in the home improvement market,” said Meyer.

E-FFICIENCY CEO Raeef Meyer said: “Consumers need to know that the service provider is going to successfully deliver the required service and not abscond with their money. Contractors, on the other hand, need to be reassured that they are going to be paid. This technology addresses that very issue through the strategic partnership with Truzo.” Read more about this on the platform, here is the link

Through the E-FFICIENCY platform, contractors will be stringently vetted to ensure the highest performance and compliance standards. Those that don’t quite make the cut, can be assisted so that they meet the desired standard. This will be done in conjunction with Profit Share Partners and Truzo.

To safeguard consumers’ property in the event of any building accidents, the platform requires service partners to maintain a minimum of R5-Million insurance cover. “Accidents happen on building sites all the time, and the last thing a homeowner wants is to use a service provider who accidentally damages their property and is not insured to cover the damage,” said Meyer. “So, we’ve made sure that our customers can rest assured that the safety of their property, while completing the project, is our priority to the highest standards.”

Should you want to use this concierge service, then click on the link above, look for the quote button in the middle of the page and you can start the process. If you are a contractor and would like to be part of this platform, then please message E-FFICIENCY using the contact tab, or call 011 673 0101


E-FFICIENCY established in 2019, is a technology start-up providing digital solutions that enhance organisations’ capabilities and maximises their E-FFICIENCY in pursuit of operational excellence to benefit all their stakeholders.

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