Lynca Factory Shop helps local economy bring home the bacon

Lynca Factory Shop helps local economy bring home the bacon

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 It’s only been open for just over three months, and the Meyerton factory store of Lynca Meats – One of South Africa’s leading and largest suppliers of high-quality locally manufactured pork products – is having an impact in the local community in a way that goes far beyond offering just great prices.

Previously only available to wholesalers, food services, distributors and selected retailers, the new distribution centre at the Factory Shop  means our extensive range of both Lynca Meats processed pork and primal cut products are now available direct from the factory to the whole community.

 The extensive  range of products cater for both the retail consumers as well as the informal trader customers who can now purchase larger bulk product sizes ,by the box for their small and informal businesses.

“We had previously been unable to service the informal sector due to unit size restrictions in our logistics operations of selling only by the pallet, said Brent Fairlie, Lynca Meats CEO. “But we are thrilled to announce that small and micro-enterprises, formal or informal, are now able to access our distribution sector directly and collect their orders in quantities that suit their pockets”.

Employing over 1000 residents of Meyerton and its surroundings, the Lynca Factory Shop has provided a much-needed lifeline to local workers. It’s low prices also make it an essential resource for local entrepreneurs at restaurants, food stalls and shisanyamas in the area.

“The distribution centre opens up access to pork at factory-gate prices”, said Fairlie. “With pork offering great value for money compared to other meats, it is a popular menu item in all its different cuts, especially polonies, russians and sandwich meats”.

And it’s not just customers that are reaping the benefits of Lynca’s ability to meet the demands of a growing pork market in South Africa. Local pork farmers are welcome to supply Lynca’s factory store as well, as long as they adhere to the high biosecurity standards that Lynca Meats has become known for in their decades of operation. This offers farmers a helping hand in a struggling local and global economy.

“We are only too happy to be able to offer some relief at every step in the value chain – from farmer to retailer to end customer. The COVID-19 pandemic really impressed upon us the requirement for the factory shop to be built. Now more than ever, the customer needs good value, and going direct-to-source is a game-changer for many”.

The Lynca Factory Shop is situated at 10 Leeu Road, Valley Settlements, Meyerton. The store trades on Mondays to Fridays including Public Holidays (08h30–18h00) and Saturdays (08h30-14h00).

Find more information on Lynca Factory Shop by visiting their website at:

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