Next in the series: Jumpstart Business Recovery Program with Andrew

Next in the series: Jumpstart Business Recovery Program with Andrew

It’s Tuesday tomorrow … and you know what that means! I’m going live with Andrew over in my Facebook Page at around 10.45am

Last week we chatted about marketing and what you can be doing as a business owner to recover from the pandemic as quickly and as powerfully as possible.
This week, we will be chatting about the …

🔥Jumpstart Business Recovery Chatshop that will be jam-packed with business information you don’t want to miss from a number of different consultants – to find out more go to
We will also be carrying on with:
🔥The practical tips and advice Andrew Wainright, CEO and Business Consultant, is giving to you free of charge in the series we have been running for the last few weeks 🔥

You don’t want to miss out! Especially when the advice you are getting tomorrow only costs 30 -45 minutes of your time.
Make sure you join our Facebook Page where we will be going live today at 10.45am tomorrow.

See you then!

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