The Great Guide to Valentine’s Day

The Great Guide to Valentine’s Day

The Great Guide to Valentine’s Day

 by Katy Young

Valentine’s Day is two days away and just in case you haven’t got this occasion all wrapped up in a bow yet, The Great Guide has compiled some cute ideas that might just put stars in your Valentine’s eyes. Even if you are putting it together last minutes, these ideas are quick and easy and should do the trick.

Stream a virtual concert

Grab the lighters, dim the lights and watch one of your favourite bands on your screen at home. “If music be the food of love, play on.” – Shakespeare

Chocolate Fonduechoc fondue valentines

The great thing about these is they aren’t too messy and work with a T-lite candle. Make sure to have a range of fruit and biscuits to dip in that oh-so melted chocolate. If there is any left over, we are sure you will think of something to do with the extra.

Wine, Beer or Gin Tasting

pink gin valentinesAlcohol is back so spend a bit extra and buy a really special bottle of wine to share at home. If you would prefer to go out, Google for places that offer fun tasting ideas like the Blackhorse Brewery in Magaliesburg or the Craft Gin Distillery in Modderfontein. You could even get some ingredients together, take them home and make your own sexy cocktails.

Cook Something Unique, Together

Never made sushi or Pad Thai? There are kits available at most supermarkets and you can just buy the extras needed. Dinner sorted and you learnt a new skill together.

Star Gaze

Grab a blanket and sit under the stars. Welcome to 2021, download an app that will show you some of the constellations above, and turn on the romantic music.

Flowersbath with flowers

This might not be original but there is still something magical in the gift of flowers. Stick with the roses or branch out into a bunch of something a little different. Alternatively, make a pathway of petals or put some into a bath to share with lovely bubbles and that wine you bought earlier.

Dress Up

Dress to the nines, it doesn’t matter if you are going out, or not. Put on that red lipstick, LBN (little black number) and heels. If you are feeling a little adventurous maybe go the fancy dress route and have a hippie, medieval or even vampire theme to go with your evening.

Nurture Nature

We are blessed with beautiful outdoor spaces, go for a walk or hike and visit the botanical gardens or one of the nearby nature reserves for the day. Remember to take a picnic, and sunscreen.

Picnic at Home

Who said you can’t picnic everywhere. Layout the blanket and treats even if it’s in your own garden or the middle of the lounge. Then choose music, a chick flick and hold hands in the candlelight


Another go-to at this time of year and there is nothing wrong with this at all. A beautiful box of chocolates that you share while cozying up in front of a movie or laying in bed after a fun filled evening is always a winner.

It’s all about Together

Whether you’re staying at home or hitting the town, as long as you are doing what you love with who you love, Valentine’s Day is bound to be as special. The fact that you are together, that you took some time to be together makes the difference for your relationship.

Be kind, and keep loving one another

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