How to submit your good news!

How to submit your good news!

The Great Guide wants to give you the opportunity to get free exposure for your business, shop, restaurant or school. The first one is on us on our website, and we link it to our Facebook page. Unfortunately because of the cost of printing, not all news items will make the hard copy issue of The Great Guide.

You can submit as often or as many news items as you want, with the proviso that it is GOOD or GREAT news or will help the community to find out about a local business “jewel” within their midst. We will not carry negative or bad news stories since we are sure that, like us, you are gatvol and “up to here” with it.

We will carry ALL relevant GOOD news and post it live on our website once it has been read and approved for publication.

Your news items will be displayed on the website in the general news section and under the specific categories. Selected news items will be chosen to be included on our Facebook page.
Story selection for social media will be at our discretion based on relevance and immediacy.

The how-tos are below and we look forward to hearing from you.


Please send your news directly to


All news submitted is proofread and checked before we post it live. We are assuming that you have checked your facts. Should your news not be suitable for publication it will not be included.

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