5 Pieces of Entertaining content by media personality, Riyaaz Safi

5 Pieces of Entertaining content by media personality, Riyaaz Safi

Riyazz Safi5 Pieces of Entertaining content by media personality, Riyaaz Safi

With two decades of experience in radio, much-loved media personality, Riyaaz Safi, has gotten up-close and personal with some of the best industry professionals in his new podcast, Thinking Out Loud – a 5-episode lifestyle series that premiered on Saturday, 14thof November.

The podcast aims to inform and inspire with some of the best professionals in their industry including a psychologist, entrepreneur, humanitarian and award-winning financial journalist and author.  These are people that I have come to know personally during my career,” says Safi.  “Podcasts are a new way to connect to people, to create new opportunities for news and entertainment and this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.  I am excited to be building a new online community.”

Episode 1 (14th November):

Topic: Mental Health Awareness

Guest: Rahki Beekrum, Psychologist

Episode highlights social media versus reality and how to use social media responsibly for good mental health.  A new episode will be released weekly.

Episode 2 (21st November):

Topic: Business

Guest: Zareef Minty, Entrepreneur

Episode highlights top 5 tips for setting up your own business; fears, challenges and rewards

Episode 3 (28th November):

Topic: Humanitarian / activism

Guest: Catherine Constantinides, activist & humanitarian worker

Episode highlights her work as an activist & humanitarian and the passion she has about getting involved with people to make a difference

Episode 4 (5th December):

Topic: Experience of writing a book

Guest: Bhekisisa Mncube, Author

Episode highlights his experience of writing a book and how to overcome writer’s block

Episode 5 (12th December):

Topic: Money Matters

Guest: Maya Fisher French, award-winning financial journalist

Episode highlights you and your relationship with money

Riyaaz has completed his BA in Communication Science from UNISA and completed a Diploma in Radio Production and Presenting with the London School of Radio & Television while living in the UK.  He has interviewed some of the biggest stars in South Africa and the Bollywood scene including Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, and many others.  Besides radio, he also does voice-overs and MC work.


Thinking Out Loud will be available on various streaming platforms including:

Apple Podcasts – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/thinking-out-loud/id1539651729?i=1000497959525

Spotify –   https://open.spotify.com/show/7jBHvUPyShMzAvgiLkQ0h3?si=bWdgFhpyRMK00RJMBOf7Xg

For sponsor and advertising enquiries, please email riyaaz.safi@gmail.com.

Join the conversation:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Riyaaz-Safi-105253278057288

Twitter: @riyaazsafi

Instagram: @riyaaz17

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/riyaazful




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