Absolutely Delicious Food Expo 25 – 27 May 2018

Absolutely Delicious Food Expo 25 – 27 May 2018

Greenstone shoppers are in for a treat at the Absolutely Delicious Expo from the 25th to the 27th of May. Not only will there be an array of food vendors for all you foodies over the three days, pre-selected customers will also be treated to a cooking demo and book signing with Mimi Jadim chef extraordinaire and head of Jardim’s Cookery School on Saturday 26 May from 11am.

These lucky shoppers will be given the opportunity to help whip up some of Mimi’s favourites while receiving culinary advice for creating the classics of Portuguese South African cooking. Mimi Jadim’s book, “My Portuguese Feast” is packed with delicious recipes for dishes ranging from everyday treats to weekend feasts and is available at Exclusive Books or at the Expo stand for only R396. To register for the session, email prmanager@greenstonemarketing.co.za, seats are limited.

The Absolutely Delicious campaign kicked off on the 16th of April where groceries valued at R24 000 and one of three trolley dashes valued at R5000 each can be won. Most importantly are the twenty one Restaurants which cater to every palate and three Grocery stores with a variety to satisfy every shoppers list.

Selected Restaurants invited shoppers to a Taste Hop Hour featuring for a week where shoppers were encouraged to taste delectable dishes as part of their entry to the in centre competition. The next sampling date is 18 – 21 June details can be accessed by visiting www.greenstoneshoppingcentre.co.za or following @GreenstoneShoppingCentre on Facebook.

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