Anyone for tennis? St Bennies host annual tournament

Anyone for tennis? St Bennies host annual tournament

The Keenest of the Keen Tennis Festival is a wonderful experience for all of the participating tennis players and everyone always enjoys themselves. This year was no exception.

This tennis festival is a St Benedict’s initiative and is suitable for those under 13 tennis players who don’t represent their school’s first team. St Peter’s, St John’s, Louw Geldenhuys, Redhill, Beaulieu and St Columba’s accepted the invitation to take part.

The 2018 edition took place on 2 – 3 June 2018 and the tournament was played  on a “festival basis” with all participants and managers receiving a Bennies 60th Year mug as a festival gift in celebration of this milestone.

The Bennies boys enjoyed representing their school and absolutely love being the hosts of this events.


  • Bennies 1 (Marciano Teixeira, Judah Townsend, Thomas Wilke and Ethan Uys):
  • Beat Beaulieu (31-5), Redhill (56-16), Louw Geldenhuys 2 (28-8) and lost against Louw Geldenhuys 1 (19-17).
  • Bennies 2 (Joshua Perry, Nicolas De Keizer, Connor Odgers and Jaryd Cameron-Gunn):
  • Beat St Columba’s (22-6), St Peter’s (43-29), St John’s (21-7), drew against Louw
  • Geldenhuys 2 (14-all) and lost against Louw Geldenhuys 1 (16-12).

The Fast 4 Singles Tiebreaker winners were:

  • Number 1s: Joshua Perry (St Benedict’s)
  • Number 2s: Judah Townsend (St Benedict’s)
  • Number 3s: Luke Crase (St Columba’s)
  • Number 4s: Lucas Kruger (Louw Geldenhuys)

The Fast 4 Doubles winners were:

  • Couple Number 1s: Joshua Perry and Connor Odgers (St Benedict’s), Marciano Teixeira and Judah Townsend (St Benedict’s) and Philip Joubert and Harry Gardner (Louw Geldenhuys). All three couples ended up on 38 points.
  • Couple Number 2s: Thomas Wilke and Ethan Uys (St Benedict’s).

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