Curro Edenvale is officially open

Curro Edenvale is officially open

Curro Edenvale’s official opening ceremony was held on Thursday, 4 April. The school opened its doors for the first time to just over 180 learners in January this year and now has around 220 learners.

Curro Group CEO Andries Greyling, General Manager Willem Brümmer, Edenvale ward councillors Heather Hart and Tiziana Plaskitt as well as parents and other stakeholders within the Curro family attended the red carpet event.

Executive Head of the school André van Wyk was appointed in May last year. He gave an emotional speech, detailing his journey with the school thus far. ‘In May 2018, I was shown a bare piece of ground with a few tractors pushing soil around and some pipes being laid. My immediate question was, ‘Is this school going to be ready?’ he joked.

Van Wyk detailed events that have taken place thus far since the opening of the school and thanked all staff members who have played a critical role in ensuring that the school runs like a well-oiled machine. Learners took the spotlight and outdid themselves with their beautifully prepared items of song and dance.

The school wishes to thank all who attended as well as their sponsors for the day: Hammond Pole Attorneys, Pam Golding and MacGregor Murphy Property.

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