Curro Edenvale welcomes Grade 7 learners back

Curro Edenvale welcomes Grade 7 learners back

On Monday, June 1, Curro Edenvale welcomed back its grade 7 learners with screening, per current legislation, being undertaken with each child; their temperature was recorded, and they received masks.

Schools were shut down when the country went on lockdown in March with a heavy impact on schools and businesses that were unable to operate. Schools were unable to provide normal classroom teaching and in line with group policy all schools provided online tuition to ensure that no learner would be left behind and that all Curro’s learners would be in a position to write their exams at the end of 2020.  Curro Edenvale immediately switched to online tuition, using electronic devices to communicate with teachers via live sessions, complete homework tasks and submit assignments.

The Minister of Basic Education, Ms Angie Motshekga announced, at the end of May, the gradual return of learners to school starting with the Grade 7 and Grade 12 learners. Curro Edenvale currently offers Grade R to Grade 9 and will offer Grade 10 in 2021.  In her announcement of the re-opening of schools, the Minister emphasised strict health and safety guidelines to be adhered to, which included adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), the adherence of social distancing (1.5 metres) and the screening of both learners and staff at schools. Curro has complied with all requirements for the safety of its learners and staff across the country. Curro Edenvale staff, teachers and learners have been informed of and trained in these procedures and are more than ready to welcome back the next group of learners.

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