Disability Bowls Rainbow Trips 2018 needs more support

Disability Bowls Rainbow Trips 2018 needs more support

The Rainbow trips was launched in 2014, with a view to raise funds for the National Disability Team to assist with the impending Disability World Championship in New Zealand in the following year.

The vision was to make it an all-inclusive event including new bowlers, top bowlers, disabled bowlers and transformation bowlers – open to both genders. All teams had to include 3 players from 3 different categories. This format was a world first and attracted huge interest and the field was quickly over-subscribed.

An amount of R12 700 for Disability Bowls SA (DBSA) was raised from local sponsors, which was considered very good for a single green event.

In 2015 Accumulo Consulting sponsored the event and it was again well supported and well over-subscribed. Accumulo topped up our fund raising efforts and DBSA received R30 000.

It was decided that benefit to DBSA would be well advanced if we moved the event to a 2 green club for 2016. Accumulo offered to include the event in their “Festival of Bowls” at Bedfordview Country Club where 144 bowlers could be accommodated. Again it was a huge success and DBSA benefitted by some R85 000.

2017 saw some changes in format but again the contribution to DBSA grew to a whopping R120 210! Sadly, Accumulo decided to with draw from bowls events for 2018. However, their contribution to the game and DBSA (and other deserving organisations) is highly praiseworthy and we hope to see them back soon.

So for 2018 this club has approached Edenvale Bowling Club to partner with us in this event and a naming sponsor has been secured. Thus this year’s event will be known as The Rainbow Trips with Ultimate Performance. However, more sponsors are urgently needed in cash and prizes for the event. Sponsors can place branding and other promotional material at the event. The event has featured on National TV and press for the past 4 years and it is most likely to be covered again.

The event will be held over 2 days on 6th and 7th October 2018 at Edenvale and Lombardy East respectively.

Teams composition must consist of 3 players – 1 player from 3 of the following 4 categories:

  • Under 35, or
  • Disabled, or
  • Colour, or
  • Open / Able-bodied
  • For more information, please contact Desiree Levin on 072 371 5204 or beneft1986@gmail.com


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