Editor’s Choice for February 2019

Editor’s Choice for February 2019

Greek-ish is Del-ish

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m at Stoneridge. I was invited to lunch. We look around at what’s on offer, a vibe is happening, and the restaurant looks busy compared to the others. Now I know when this is happening; it’s one of two things. The restaurant is new, or the food is good. In this instance, I think both are true. We decide to sit down at Greek-ish, and we are immediately helped by a waitron who turns out not to be our waitron but someone who understands service. We order drinks. Perusing the menu, everything on it looks scrumptious, and the choice is difficult. We take some time deciding and eventually we both agree that it’s a Beftiki Burger. I love hamburgers, yup if there was a title Queen of Hamburgers, I could compete. My partner, not so much. It’s two burgers though.

We love the vibe, it is actually putting me in an excellent mood. Along comes a Greek man, and from his demeanour, I understand he is the owner. This is Archie. We have a quick chat, and he tells us our choice is a good one, and it’s popular, he can’t keep up with the orders for the Beftiki. I love the idea that what I’m getting is that good, but always the sceptic I smile and say “Good!”

Archie tells us that it’s a family business and quickly adds that it’s not a franchise. I assure him I think the name is lovely and he says the -ish is because its not only Greek food, the patrons are spoiled for choice. He points out his son, Andreas and his wife (whose name I didn’t catch) and then moves on quickly to chat to his other patrons.

My lunch arrived, and I see a homemade patty on a deliciously presented burger. The size is average, the chips crisp. The thing I love is the taste, and that is it fresh! The cost of my burger was also average, but my experience was not. We will be going back to Greek-ish to taste the other food.

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