HRS competes in Annual WIESCE

HRS competes in Annual WIESCE

Holy Rosary High School participated in the Annual WIESCE (Wits University Integrated Experience in Science, Engineering and Commerce) competition again this year, competing against twenty other schools in Gauteng.

Participants were given the scenario of an aircraft crashing over the Pacific Ocean, and had to present a preliminary investigation containing the possible reasons why the aircraft crashed and future preventative and safety measures. They were only given the transcription of recordings between the aircraft and control towers and a few other details to work with.

Our team, consisting of (L-R) Courtney Laros, Oshai Naidoo, Tia Poovan, Daniella Johnston and Simone de Castro, achieved 98% for their presentation and won the competition.

The girls each received laptops and a helicopter ride over Johannesburg as their prizes and will also present their investigation findings at the STEM (Science Technology, Economics and Maths) 2019 conference in August.

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