HRS Interhouse One-Act Plays Festival won by Rosary

HRS Interhouse One-Act Plays Festival won by Rosary

Holy Rosary High School recently held their annual on Friday, 11th May. Seen here is the complete cast of the winning house, Rosary, who performed ‘Citizen’s Arrest’ written by Bobby Keniston.The synopsis of the play is as follows: Dennis, an average guy, is caught littering by Dana, a “concerned citizen” who places him under Citizen’s Arrest. While Dennis attempts to keep friendly about the situation, Dana stops every passerby to play a part in her “citizen’s trial.”

The house also won Best Junior Actress (Claudia Agostinetto), Best Senior Supporting Actress (Eliane Buta), Best Junior Supporting Actress (Angelina da Silva), Best Cameo Role (Jada Dihahlo), Best Set and Costumes, and Best Directors.

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