Oh la la! Editor’s Choice – July 2018

I love pizza! There is no doubt in my mind about that statement. Pasta… well, not always.

First thing is that I don’t like cooking for one, and since my partner is away most of the time – I qualify for grace. So it’s fast food usually, and yes that isn’t good blah blah blah – I heard all about it.

Then Da Lucia placed an advert in the newspaper version of The Great Guide, and I started to chat to Kendyl who started this business up recently. Kendyl began to this service in response to helping out working women like me – who don’t have the time or the inclination to cook or are running around collecting kids from the 50 kagillion activities they collectively take part in, only to have to think about how to feed the ravenous brood once they are home.

I looked at Kendyl’s offering – closely! I bought it to test and really see whether what she claimed is true. So here it is, the ‘tongtippie toets’ results:

Free delivery – TRUE! With a friendly face and great smile.

All the items advertised were there – TRUE! I chose the 2KG Chicken and Mushroom lasagne (the other choices are beef or vegetarian). I also had a 4 x 400g microwavable meals. I could choose from Beef Lasagne, Macaroni and Cheese, Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon or Gourmet Stuffed Peppers. The peppers sounded divine and well balanced, so I picked two of those, Mac and Cheese with Bacon (I can eat bacon with ANY meal, and I mean that) and Beef Lasagne. I could also pick any two of the three 500ml sauces offered, and I took Alfredo, even though there were Napolitana and Arrabiata too. There was also a choice of 2 x 500g dry pasta, and I took both as penne (for the alfredo sauce). Finally, 1 could pick two of the three choices of pizza (Margherita, salami or Regina) and I took salami for both.

Freshly prepared?  – Oh Yes! I took it from the bag to the freezer, but not without dividing the 2kg lasagne into meals for one, including for dinner that night since Kendyl had let me know she was delivering that evening – so I didn’t have to think about food, well Italian anyway… for the rest of the month.

Is it authentic Italian? – As far as I can tell anyway. The food was tastier than the Italian pizza place down the road, as well as the Italian restaurant up the street. I have tried both and been disappointed except for one thing – I could get dessert from them.

Is it the special deal as promised in The Great Guide? – You bet your Alfredo is it. Think about it, buy a large pizza from anywhere and have it delivered, you start at R129,00. Wait, let’s do the math:

2 x pizza = R258.00 + tip R20.00 = R278

1 portion pasta with a sauce on average: R80 (from my local Italian restaurant) x 4 portions (what I divided the 2kg lasagne into = R320

4 x microwaveable meals (500g) based on 4 different options offered by my local, average R65 a meal (bear in mind they use portion sizes, and it could be less than what Da Lucia offers but let’s not get picky (take-away) =R260

2 x 500g dry pasta (no name brand) = R18.00

Sauce: can’t generally get freshly made/delivered – so make it yourself, using cream, mushrooms, cheese etc. and should cost roughly R80 for 250ml (or am I smoking my socks?) – R80.00

Stuffed peppers: R65 each x 2 = R130

Ok, so let’s look at the total = R1,086.

So that is why the Editor’s Choice for July 2018, and a great deal is Da Lucia, a clear winner with all that authentic Italian cuisine – delivered – for R599.

Well done Kendyl…. by the way, if you are looking for her number it’s on the graphic at the start of the post.

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