Paint and Unwined – regular event at Bolshoi in Greenstone Crescent Mall

I arrived a little after the appointed time because I am one of those people who dislike lingering and making small talk with strangers while we wait for an event to happen. To my pleasant surprise, things were underway and Natalie (or Natz) was standing at her easel, wine in hand, explaining what the order of events was to be. It came down to one simple thing, ok two – to have fun and unwind, let’s not forget the caret with the “e” between “n” and “d”.

Once I had greeted and explained I was not in the mood to paint, I settled down with a drink of my own to watch how others experience these paint and wine parties that Natalie runs. I saw a complex painting on the easel ( I know enough to know that if you don’t know what you are doing, what you are doing can turn into a dog’s breakfast rather quickly) and looking around the room saw men and women of all ages with plastic aprons on, paintbrush in hand and a silly grin on their faces as they sipped their drinks and listened to Natalie. I couldn’t help but wonder how this lot was going to turn out, but I had decided I would only be staying for 15 minutes anyway.

Ninety minutes later, I was chatting and laughing with people at a table, admiring how their paintings had turned out and seeing delight on all the faces as they proudly showed each other their paintings I had to admit that Natalie’s paint and unwined was worth my time, and I was more than a little sorry that I hadn’t fully participated. The good news is that Natalie hosts these parties regularly at Bolshoi, who knows maybe next time we bump into each other and sit together painting a passionate sunset. Call Natalie, book, her number is on the graphic – you will love it and make new friends too!

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