Puppet Guy – Who is the Daddy?

Puppet Guy – Who is the Daddy?

Conrad Koch with alter ego Chester Missing and Hilton the OstrichFrom Zero-day, farting in a Kia Picanto (I don’t know why that hit my funny bone!) to racist dandruff Chester Missing had me laughing out loud last night. I was at “fake Italy” (as Chester put it) or Monte Casino, watching Conrad Koch and his sidekick Chester Missing (or is it the other way around?). Along for the evening was Hilton the Ostrich (a handsome fella) as a support act in the show “Puppet Guy”. In the 70 minutes of non-stop laughter, but my “go-back-for-more” place in the act is the relationship between Conrad and Chester.

Chester is disrespectful, honest to the point of tears (laughter) and South African in essence. He is unafraid to call out the elephants in the room (among the audience members), and there were some tentative laughs, unsure-how-to-react moments in the beginning but then in a South African style we settled in to enjoy the South African offering at our expense!

I found that South Africa’s top ventriloquist, Conrad Koch, is a funny guy and that Chester Missing has no fear (he won his court case – a true story apparently) and he goes where the politicians he interviews fear to follow. This irreverent couple is saying what everyone is thinking, and it’s refreshing. I did find the mosquito character a bit ho-hum, he could be spiced up but other than that I enjoyed the show tremendously.

As I walked chatting about the show with my sister Tracy, I remarked that the show was only 70 minutes long. She responded that it was perfect. On reflection, it was, perfect. After laughing out loud for just over an hour, it was early enough to go to dinner or have a flutter in the casino. Choices, choices.

Puppet Guy is on at the Pieter Toerien Studio Theatre until 27 May, if you are up for a good laugh and a relaxing evening then put it into your busy schedule – we have more than enough going on in our lives, we deserve a night of unadulterated fun and laughter. As I get to the end of this review, a thought pops into my head… between Chester and Conrad, who is the Daddy?

We will ask that question in the interview that will be published in the May issue of The Great Guide.

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