Red Door Cafe – Ed’s Choice – May 2018

Red Door Cafe – Ed’s Choice – May 2018

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I came across the Red Door Cafe quite by accident-on-purpose. The purpose was a meeting, the venue was decided by the person I was meeting. I have been around the area, living and working, for a long time but had never come across red door cafe.

I was delighted by the decor, the intimacy and the warmth in spite of the winter chills. After the friendly welcome, I was given the menu. Wholesome, yummy food on offer as well as options for those who choose paleo/banting.

Being a coffee-holic and a coffee-snob, the coffee offered is always important and red door cafe didn’t disappoint. Usually, I find that the brewed coffee is burned (yes, it is possible to burn coffee) and the taste of this is quickly evident. However, at red door cafe, I had two cups in quick succession because I enjoyed it so much. The other thing that struck me was that the place was neat and tidy, with waitrons quickly cleaning up after patrons had left the tables – a big plus for me.

I met Dylan, the owner, who then showed me around and let me peek at The Tea Room. This intention for this room is to serve “high tea” in a real and proper way and I cannot wait for the first event to take place (Wimbledon Tennis?). Be aware though, bookings are necessary since Dylan has cleverly “cornered” 5th avenue by being small-ish and intimate. Ideal for snacks, meals, tea or coffee and a good natter with old friends for an hour or two.

The only reason it got four “toastie” stars is that I haven’t had the opportunity to taste the food yet. I am planning to go back when the next hard copy issue of The Great Guide has hit the streets.


MONDAY 07:00-15:00
TUESDAY 07:00-16:00
WEDNESDAY 07:00-16:00
THURSDAY 07:00-16:00
FRIDAY 07:00-20:00
SATURDAY 08:00-15:00


Address:  26, 5th Avenue, Edenvale

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