Step for Safety Walk

Press release

Step for Safety Walk is set to take place on Sunday, 18 November 2018, at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens in Johannesburg. This is an initiative of the UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency).

The walk (which is taking place across participating countries in Africa) has two objectives:

  • to sensitize people about refugee issues and encourage them to walk in solidarity with over 24 million refugees who often take a long and dangerous journey to find safety and who have been forced to flee their homes across Africa.
  • UNHCR would also like to use the opportunity to fundraise from sales of sale of tickets, sponsorships from companies who in exchange can have an exhibition area on the day of the walk and put up branding.

I would sincerely appreciate any support, if you’re able to, in getting the word out to people who may want to purchase tickets to attend or any businesses that may want to sponsor or have stall at the event.

The day will start with a walk (2km fun walk, 5km hike or 10km run), in the main events area there will be a Refugee Simulation Experience for participants, a market area with stalls for food and crafts along with a children’s area and musical performances by PJ Powers, ANATII and Ayanda Makayi along with a host of other well-known personalities.  Tickets are on sale for R200.00 for adults and R50.00 for children aged under 12 years they are available at the following link:

About UNHCR, LuQuLuQu campaign:

An initiative that started in November 2017 by the UNHCR, it draws on the African philosophy of ‘ubuntu’, ‘ujamaa’ or ‘yi bi ma’ – the spirit of sharing resources and caring for one another, in support of people forced to flee their homes in Africa.  LuQuLuQu is a social movement in Africa that seeks to create a community of supporters with a goal to change the narrative and conversation around people forced to flee their homes because of conflict and violence in Africa.

#WithRefugees #StepForSafety

Facebook: @UNHCRSouthernAfrica


Instagram: unhcrpartnershipsafrica

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