Styling at The Hub’s new premises in Greenstone

Styling at The Hub’s new premises in Greenstone

Store Manager, Christa Botha and assistant Lona Sibanda

This morning The Hub opened their new store. I loved it from the minute I walked in.

Bright lights, bubbly staff, wide aisles and loads of assistants waiting to help. Who could want for more?

There is more though.The quality of the clothing is a hundred times better, there is more variety, and this winter’s color is mustard apparently!

Everything you could want from takkies, underwear, sleeping clothes and so much more tight up to a swanky new look that stays within the budget. Don’t take my word for it, go and look for yourself. One thing though, if you do it tomorrow the red carpet might be gone and I know I don’t get the red carpet treatment as often as I’d like. So go today, feel good for not blowing your budget in one go and know that when you walk out you will be looking good.

Left to right, Kobus (regional Manager), Christa (Store Manager; and Charmain (Greenstone Mall Marketing)
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