Supporting Your Local Economy

Supporting Your Local Economy

I started The Great Guide newspaper was because the owner of the paper that was in existence was closing the doors for personal reasons. There was a gap, and it needed filling. Another reason was that in my short tenure working at the local radio station, Eden radio, I came to realise that we have a small business-rich world happening right on our doorstep! I have been in and around the area for years, and I had never thought to go beyond the main street because that was the suburbs. So it shocked me to realise how many small businesses, mom-and-pop concerns who are doing their level best to eke out a living for their families, have their businesses operating in the streets and avenues, including schools and education-based businesses.

I got to thinking about what that means concerning bigger pictures, the macro and micro economies and what that means to the average Joe and Jane Soap, and concluded that quite frankly it means little. As South Africans, do we believe that we have control of the GDP, the country’s finances and I don’t think we do. There is an area of power we do have – our local economy (The economic system and range of economic activity in a local area that serves a local population). The key words in this: economic activity, local area, serves local community. Yes, in the modern world of online shopping, mega malls and all such shopping meccas life has been made comfortable and undoubtedly convenient. Can we, for a moment, contemplate the convenience of the mega malls and online shopping? Could we think about the long-term effects of what it means when our local small businesses are not supported? Could we inadvertently be inviting the less-than-desirable elements into our community to stay because the lack of support means lower business rent, the lower rents means easy access to these elements because landlords don’t want empty buildings and premises? The knock on effects are that the value of our properties is affected, we live in fear of what our children are exposed to, the big electric fences and walls go up, work is lost, and transients can be found on the streets begging.

It is time! Time for positive action. Time to rebuild the places we live and work. It is time to reclaim our area by rebuilding our local economy. We do this through our choices, one at a time. Let’s choose to support our local businesses and local economy. The Great Guide Newspaper is here to help with that. The first step is by getting to know what we have in the area and surrounding suburbs so that we can inform our neighbours about what is on offer and where. More than that, we want to highlight the good, in fact the GREAT in our community, so we only carry positive, feel-good stories. Crazy I know, but South Africans are “gatvol” of always hearing the negative, I know myself and my friends are.

So that you know, others are thinking about this idea and have approached me to make the same concept happen in their areas. It’s do-able.

If you would like to advertise your local business in The Great Guide, we have affordable rates so that all companies can market themselves. Contact me (Michelle) on 071 222 0977 or email

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