Loads of visa-free countries to visit if you love to travel

Loads of visa-free countries to visit if you love to travel

TGG Travel BugIf you love to travel then you want to hear about this. The Henley & Partners second quarter Passport Index 2018 was released, and it showed the global passports that are the strongest in the world, by virtue of the visa-free access they grant.

Japan has consolidated its spot at the top of the rankings, now offering its own citizens visa-free access to 189 destinations.

Joint, in second spot are Singapore and Germany, while third place is tied between six countries: Finland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and South Korea.

Group chairman of Henley & Partners, Dr. Christian H. Kälin, said that surveying a total of 199 different passports against 227 different travel destinations, including countries, territories and micro-states makes the index the most robust in the world, .

Our beloved South Africa improved its position from 55th (2017) to being ranked 50th overall. We did this by providing visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 102 countries

In the African region, we ranked third, below Mauritius (who was 28th overall) and the Seychelles (24th overall).

This is where our travel bugs can access without a visa:


and this is where you can get a visa on entry:


Go Travel Bugs, GO!

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