Vote with your head not your heart

Vote with your head not your heart

Edenvale High School stringer for The Great Guide Local Independent Newspaper

Written by- Danielle Furman

With our elections literally days away, Danielle Furman, Edenvale High School student and a Great Guide stringer shared her thoughts on the subject.

According to, the voting registration rate for 2019 is at 74.5%. which is broken up between our youth and elders.

I asked the woman who works in our house who she would vote for, she replied saying she would vote for the party who would support her in time of need, as well as the citizens of South Africa at all times. Where as her mother who experienced the struggle of Apartheid said she would rather vote for a party she was more familiar with.

It seems that youth today are swayed by who their friends are voting for, and would rather go along with the crowd. What it is based on is emotions and caring what others think of them. From what I could understand, most felt that if they unite as one and vote for the same party they get a sense of belonging. My question is are these valid reasons to be making a vote that influences the way our country is run? Now the choice seems to be heart versus head.

I ask if enough young South Africans are really educated about the real issues surrounding running a country well? The answers I got from the people I asked seemed to sway heavily towards no. Do they care enough? I don’t know.

The fact that the elderly vote for the more “familiar “ party and not on the basis of past performance also leads to the younger generation having a poor information or none which later leads to uninformed choices when it’s time to cast a vote. I wonder whether we realise the consequences of our vote? That what might be perceived as just an X can lead to future generations dealing with the consequences of poor choices, the ripple effects we see today of unemployment and a sad lack of skills resulting in an over the top unemployment figure. Where is the future in that?

I urge you all to please consider why you are voting your candidate in. Consider your choice with the future in mind. Will your children’s children be paying the price for an emotional choice rather than an informed one?

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