We are officially 6 months old!

We are officially 6 months old!

and we have a new look.

If you don’t already know,

The Great Guide is an independent newspaper for local business.

We have been working hard at working together with business men and women in the areas we serve to create something worthwhile and viable in terms of content and of course affordability for our local business’. I’m not going to regurgitate what was said way back when, let it suffice to say that we are growing.

Distribution to your mailboxes

We have employed the services of Ad Direct, a company that delivers flyers and pamphlets to the houses in the areas we serve and they have been delivering for us for the last two months. We are currently distributing 15 000 copies of The Great Guide. If you aren’t getting a copy, please send an email to editor@thegreatguide.co.za and I will follow up with Ursula at Ad Direct. We know that as an independent newspaper, this is a large distribution to start with but we thought that we wanted to start the right way, and that meant giving our businesses as much coverage as possible. We distribute in Bedfordview, Senderwood, Edenvale and parts of Modderfontein.

We also leave some copies at the info desks at the Greenstone Mall (warm thanks to the management), as well as garages and other fast food outlets in the area. We intend to grow the distribution to 30 000 copies because we would like to include Sebenza and other business areas in the neighbourhood.

Here is our new look!


We like it. It’s clean and fresh. What do you think? let us know by posting a comment on our FB page here

Many thanks

An endeavor like this one has many people contributing to it’s success. Like people who give speeches, the biggest fear is forgetting someone and I may just do that. If I do, forgive me since it isn’t intentional. To everyone who has played a role or encouraged me to keep on keeping on, especially when it got really tough, my heartfelt thanks…

Tracy Herrington, Connie Lesch, Madine Tyson, Michael Tyson, Jenny Attewell, Andrew Koshiaris, Grant Newell, Justin Kettle, Linda McKenzie, Chad Richardson, Michele Crouse, Tracey Urquhart, Ruan Boyens, Lucette Kanyama, Lucy Vafiades, Jan Moore, Jann Weeratunga, Kim Batchelor and Bianca Liebenberg.

TGG lives! Long live The Great Guide

We have made the six month mark through all the trials, tribulations, joys and successes and its thanks to people who see our vision and do their best to support us to serve the community. I look forward to our first birthday. Thanks again, we look forward to working with you all in 2019.


warm regards,

Michelle, Editor




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