Holy Rosary High

Nurturing our girls will always be at the centre of our ethos. It is therefore fitting that our new High School girls are given an exciting introduction to their High School journey. As they start their year, our Grade 8 girls are welcomed into the High School both formally and informally.

They begin with an Orientation Camp, which includes an ‘Amazing Race’ – to get to know the school grounds and all its facilities; enjoy many fun games and activities; get to know each other, the matrics and their Tutor. They are formally welcomed into the High School at a Grade 8 Induction Evening. During a symbolic candle-lighting ceremony, their Tutor and the matrics formally welcome them. The final chapter of their High School journey takes place at the Valedictory service, at the end of their matric year, when this time their candles symbolise the celebration of the end of their High School journey, and the beginning of the next exciting chapter of their lives.

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